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TRNSMT 2024 - Book Taxi Glasgow | Glasgow Taxi | Glasgow Airport Taxi | Prebook A Taxi in Glasgow

Get ready to experience the electrifying atmosphere of TRNSMT 2024 at Glasgow Green!  Executive Cabs Glasgow, your reliable transportation partner, brings you a comprehensive guide to the festival and the Special Event Conditions by the event management. We do NOT have any affiliation with the event organisers or management and we do NOT sell event tickets.

Plan Your Trip with Executive Cabs Glasgow!

Make your TRNSMT 2024 experience even more enjoyable with reliable transportation from Executive Cabs Glasgow.  Book your taxi online in advance and avoid the hassle of finding a ride after the festival.  We offer a range of services, including wheelchair-accessible vehicles and spacious taxis for groups.

Call us Now: 07552240041

Enjoy TRNSMT 2024 responsibly, have fun, and stay safe!

Executive Cabs Glasgow - Your gateway to a fantastic TRNSMT experience!

TRNSMT 2024 Dates and Fixtures - Executive Cabs Glasgow


When is Rockstar Energy presents TRNSMT and what time does the festival start and finish?

TRNSMT 2024 is from Friday 12 July to Sunday 14 July 2024. Gates open at 11:00 each day and the festival will end late each night. Stage times and end times will be announced closer to the event.

Can I camp at Rockstar Energy presents TRNSMT 2024?

No, Rockstar Energy presents TRNSMT is not a camping festival so you will have to exit and re-enter the festival site each day. There are a variety of accommodation options available in the city.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, over 16s only. There will be a Challenge 25 policy in place at all bars, so it is advisable to bring photographic ID to the festival.

Where is Rockstar Energy presents TRNSMT and how do I get there?

The festival is based in Glasgow's oldest park in the city, Glasgow Green, Scotland. You can get there by walking from the city centre along with the following options:

  • By Train - Glasgow Green has five train stations within a 15-minute walk: Glasgow Central, Queen Street, High Street, Argyle Street and Bridgeton Station.

  • By Subway - The closest subway stations are Buchanan Street and St Enoch.

  • By Bus - Buchanan Bus Station is 20-minute walk from the festival site and there are also First Bus services 18, 43, 64 and 263 which will drop you five minutes from the site. You can also access the festival by coach through City Link.

  • By Car - There are eight different car parks surrounding the festival and nearby.

  • By Taxi - There are several taxi and private hire companies in Glasgow. Executive Cabs Glasgow is the most reliable taxi company in Glasgow and the only 5-star rated taxi company in Glasgow. You can book a taxi with Executive Cabs Glasgow by completing a short booking form, via email, by calling on phone, by SMS, or via 24/7 accessible WhatsApp.


SPECIAL EVENT CONDITIONS - TRNSMT 2024 at Glasgow Green. (by the event management)


1. These Special Event Conditions, in addition to the Event Terms and Conditions and Ticketing Terms and Conditions, apply to any person at the Event.

2. Failure to follow any of the Special Event Conditions and/or the Event and Ticketing Terms and Conditions or behaving in an unsociable or potentially dangerous manner will result in you being removed from the Event without a refund. Management may pursue prosecution of anyone found to be breaking the law.

3. CCTV will be in operation in the Event and surrounding areas.

4. You must retain your Ticket and wristband (if applicable) at all times, and neither will be replaced under any circumstances. You may not re-sell or transfer a Ticket, including a Personal Assistant/Companion or Guest Ticket if prohibited by law.

5. Ticket holders who leave the Event will not be permitted to re-enter the Event.

6. Any individual who has previously been removed or ejected from a DF Concerts event should not purchase a Ticket as they will be refused entry to the Event and if found at the Event will be removed.

7. Please respect the local residents when travelling to and from the Event and keep noise to a minimum. Follow designated walking routes/entry routes.

8. Doors will open at 12:00 pm and the last entry into the Event is at 9:30 pm, per day of the Event.

9. Anti-social behaviour, in and around the Venue, will not be tolerated and may result in refusal to enter or removal from the Event.

10. Management reserves the right to refuse admission to, or eject You from, the Event for any reason including but not limited to concerns regarding the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Any individual refused entry or ejected from the Event will have their Ticket confiscated.

11. Inappropriate and unsafe behaviour such as crowd surfing, moshing, crowd circles, throwing objects and the use of flares and smoke devices are dangerous and can cause serious injury. This behaviour and any other inappropriate and/or unsafe behaviour is not permitted, and we reserve the right to remove offenders from the Event and pass to Police Scotland.

12. Domestic football tops or tops displaying club logos are NOT permitted and You may be refused entry.

13. No trading of any items in or around the Venue without the consent of Management or the Local Authority, including goods with unauthorised Event or Artist logos. Anyone found doing so will have their goods confiscated and be removed from the Event, which may result in criminal prosecution.

14. There will be an Accessible Platform at the Event. Please see and/or email if you have any access

requirements. Except special assistance dogs, authorised working dogs, and police dogs, no animals are permitted at the Event. Please refer to for Accessibility information.

15. The bars and merchandise at the Event are entirely cashless and will accept cards only. Please note there is no ATM available at the Event.

16. The Event is non-camping therefore camping is not permitted anywhere in or around the Venue and any tents found will be removed and not returned.

17. Management does not accept responsibilityfor loss of property or damage to persons or property to the maximum extent permitted by law.

18. Management will use your personal information per the Privacy Policy available via the Management’s website I


19. All VIP Tickets gain entry to the Event via the VIP Garden Gate located on Templeton Street, Glasgow Green. All VIP Ticket holders who leave the Event will not be permitted to re-enter.

20. Separate toilets in the VIP Garden are available for VIP customers only. Please note at peak times, queues may be experienced.

21. All VIP Ticket holders should note that the VIP Garden does not have views of the main stage.

22. Subject to licence, the VIP Garden will be open until midnight.

23. Management will endeavour to provide VIP + customers with access to the stage left front mainstage pen; subject to the foregoing, general customers may be able to access pens on a first come first served basis. These areas will close when at capacity. Please note that for health and safety reasons, manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, and motorised scooters are unable to enter the front main stage pen area as crowd dynamics, crowd movements, and evacuation procedures can pose a risk to the individual and others around them.

24. VIP + ticket holders will have exclusive use of the VIP + BAR located near to the front of stage pen. Please note queues may be experienced at peak times. Drinks will be available from a limited menu.


25. No under 16s are allowed entry into the Event.

26. If you’re lucky enough to look under 25, you may be asked for proof of age at the gates, so please bring an acceptable valid photographic ID.

27. Access to bars is restricted to persons 18 and over. A Challenge 25 policy will be in operation at the Event and you may be asked for proof of age, please

bring acceptable valid photographic ID.

28. Anyone found in possession of a fake ID will be refused entry to the Event or removed from the Event, and the ID will be confiscated. Details on

29. We do not act in any parental or supervisory capacity for under 18s on site. This does not affect our legal duties to any attendee regarding, or obligation to comply with, any applicable laws including health and safety or licensing laws.


30. Any person in possession of prohibited items may be refused entry or removed from the Event and may risk prosecution. Items will be confiscated and not returned.

31. Flares, gas or smoke devices, are not permitted. The use of flares & smoke devices is illegal and dangerous. CCTV is in operation at the Event and footage will be used to pursue and prosecute anyone involved. Such devices are dangerous and could cause very serious harm to You or other Event goers.

32. It is an offence to be in possession of any pyrotechnic article, including all fireworks, without reasonable excuse. Anyone found with these will be handed over to Police Scotland.

33. Sparklers, party poppers, confetti cannons, Chinese / sky lanterns, firewood, candles or any flames, professional camera/video/audio equipment including removable lenses, drones, portable laser equipment, laser pens, air horns, megaphones, sound systems, vuvuzelas, kites, frisbees, boomerangs, spray paint cans, aerosols of any size, gazebos, glass bottles/ jars/ containers, unofficial tabards and reflective jackets (Hi-Vis), fake ID, flagpoles, umbrellas, selfie sticks, inflatables, folding chairs and any item that could be considered a weapon, including multi-tools, are not permitted. Such items will be confiscated and not returned and You may be handed over to Police Scotland. 34. All glass (including perfume bottles) will be confiscated and not returned

35. Please do not bring disposable vapes to the event

36. Management, at its discretion, may confiscate any item that is deemed and/or suspected illegal or unsuitable. Anyone found in possession may be arrested or refused entry to the Event. This includes, without limitation, illegal or intoxicating substances including; Illegal drugs, “legal/herbal” highs, new psychoactive substances, nitrous oxide (NOS/laughing gas) and unidentifiablesubstances.

37. Please don’t bring a bag unless it is absolutely essential. Those who need to bring bags will be separated into bag search lanes, and may be delayed as a result of these searches. Bags larger than 21cm x 30cm (the size of a sheet of A4 paper) will NOT be permitted at the Event. Please note that there are no storage lockers available at the event.


38. It is not permitted to bring food or any drinks into the Event and if found, will be confiscated. Food and drink will be available for purchase at the Event. Anyone with a medical condition which requires them to bring food and/or drink into the Event should contact Management in advance via to obtain an authorisation letter or make themselves known to the gate manager/supervisor of the Event who will assist accordingly.

39. Glass bottles/ jars/ containers are not permitted in the Event. All glass will be confiscated and not returned.

40. Hard plastic, metal, or glass water bottles or backpack hydration packs are not permitted into the event and will be confiscated and not returned. Please only bring empty soft water bottles or empty collapsible/foldable drinking pouches with you to fill at the various drinking water points available around the Venue.

41. Management/Venue operates a zero tolerance underage drinking policy. No-one under the age of 18 is permitted to be under the influence of alcohol at the Event and You may be breathalysed which could lead to refusal. If you are unable to produce ID evidencing that you are 18 years old or over when challenged within the Venue, your alcohol will be confiscated, and you will be removed from the Event. If a child under 16 is in your care and caught drinking alcohol, you and the child will be removed from the Event. If anyone over the age of 18 is caught supplying alcohol to someone under-age, they will be removed from the Event and may risk prosecution. These are illegal activities and will not be tolerated or permitted under any circumstance. If you are the guardian of someone under 16 and are found under the influence of alcohol, arrangements will be made for you and those you are responsible for to leave the Event and appropriate authorities will be notified.

42. The event operates a cashless system for all purchases made.

WARNINGS – Prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause damage to your hearing. Smoke effects, strobe lighting, lasers and loud noises may be used at this event.

Your Essential Guide to Navigating Glasgow and Beyond!

Glasgow, Scotland's dynamic cultural hub, beckons with its rich history, electrifying music scene, and breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or embarking on your first Scottish adventure, navigating the city requires a reliable and efficient transportation solution. This comprehensive guide explores everything you need to know about Glasgow's taxi services, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience throughout your trip.

Call us Now: 07552240041

Effortless Arrivals & Departures: Our Glasgow Airport Taxi Service

Your Scottish adventure begins the moment you land in Glasgow. Ditch the airport taxi queues and pre-book your Glasgow Airport taxi with a reliable company like Executive Cabs Glasgow. Our efficient meet-and-greet service ensures a stress-free arrival. A friendly driver will be waiting for you at the airport arrivals hall with your name sign, ready to whisk you away to your destination in comfort and style.

We have prepared a list of the most common questions people have recently been asking:

How much is a taxi from Glasgow Airport to the city centre? This question often comes with variations like "typical cost," "average fare," or mentioning specific destinations within the city centre.

The cost of a taxi from Glasgow Airport to the city centre typically ranges from £25 - £85, depending on the time of day, distance to your final destination, and the size and type of taxi you choose. Reputable companies like Executive Cabs Glasgow provide clear pricing information online or upon request. We offer fixed fares which are quoted to the customers upfront. The fare you see is the fare you pay.

  • How do I book a taxi in Glasgow?

There are several ways to book a taxi in Glasgow:

  1. Pre-booking online: Many companies, including Executive Cabs Glasgow, offer user-friendly websites where you can book your taxi in advance. This is a convenient option, especially during peak seasons or if you have specific requirements.

  2. Phone booking: Most taxi companies have phone numbers listed on their websites or readily available online. Call them directly to book your taxi. Or call us now on 07552240041.

  3. Hailing a taxi: You can hail a taxi on the street if the taxi's roof light is illuminated (indicating availability). However, this might be less convenient, especially at busy times or late at night.

Glasgow doesn't have a city-wide taxi app. Some individual taxi companies might offer their own apps for booking, so check the company's website before your trip.

  • Are taxis in Glasgow expensive?

Compared to some other major cities, taxis in Glasgow are generally considered affordable. The cost will depend on the abovementioned factors (distance, time of day, taxi size). Knowing the estimated fare beforehand is always helpful. Reliable companies like Executive Cabs Glasgow will have clear pricing information available. We offer fixed fares which are quoted to the customers upfront. The fare you see is the fare you pay.

  • Are there wheelchair-accessible taxis in Glasgow?

Yes, there are wheelchair-accessible taxis in Glasgow. Executive Cabs Glasgow offers wheelchair-accessible vehicles equipped with ramps and secure restraints to ensure a comfortable and dignified travel experience for passengers with disabilities. Be sure to mention your accessibility needs when booking your taxi.

  • Do Glasgow taxis accept credit cards?

While not all taxis in Glasgow accept credit cards, many do. It's always best to inquire about payment methods when booking your taxi or hailing one on the street. Executive Cabs Glasgow accepts all major credit cards for your convenience.

  • Do Glasgow taxis accept card payments?

While not all taxis in Glasgow accept card payments, many do. It's always best to inquire about payment methods when booking your taxi or hailing one on the street. Executive Cabs Glasgow accepts all major bank and credit cards for your convenience.

  • What are the safest taxi companies in Glasgow?

Look for a company with a strong reputation for punctuality, courteous drivers, and well-maintained vehicles. Reading online reviews and recommendations from previous travellers can be a valuable resource. Executive Cabs Glasgow is a 5-star-rated, licensed and insured company with a proven track record of reliable and safe taxi services.

  • How much does a taxi cost per mile in Glasgow?

Fares are not typically calculated per mile but rather for the entire journey based on the factors mentioned previously. However, to give you a general idea, Glasgow taxi fares typically range from £2.00 to £3.00 per mile. Reputable companies like Executive Cabs Glasgow provide clear pricing information online or upon request. We offer fixed fares which are quoted to the customers upfront. The fare you see is the fare you pay.

  • How long does it take to get a taxi at Glasgow Airport?

The wait time for a taxi at Glasgow Airport can vary depending on the time of day and passenger volume. Waiting times might be longer during peak hours (arrivals and departures). Pre-booking your taxi with Executive Cabs Glasgow guarantees timely drop-off and prompt pick-up upon arrival, eliminating any waiting time.

  • Where do I find taxis at Glasgow Airport?

Glasgow Airport has designated taxi ranks outside the arrivals hall at domestic and international terminals.  Follow the signs for "Taxis" upon exiting baggage claim.

  • Can I pre-book a taxi from Glasgow Airport?

Yes, pre-booking your Glasgow Airport taxi is highly recommended, especially if you're arriving during peak hours or have specific requirements like a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  Executive Cabs Glasgow offers a convenient online pre-booking system, allowing you to book your taxi in advance and ensure a smooth transition from plane to city.

  • Is there a flat rate for taxis from Glasgow Airport?

There is no flat rate for taxis from Glasgow Airport.  The fare will be calculated based on the distance to your destination, the time of day, and the type and size of the taxi you choose.  Reputable companies like Executive Cabs Glasgow provide clear pricing information online or upon request. We offer fixed fares which are quoted to the customers upfront. The fare you see is the fare you pay.

  • What if my flight is delayed and I have a pre-booked taxi?

At Executive Cabs Glasgow, we understand that flight delays can happen. We track your flights to ensure you are picked up as soon as possible. If your flight is delayed, you can also contact us as soon as possible to inform us of the situation. We will do our best to accommodate the delay and ensure a pick-up upon your arrival.

  • Are there different-sized taxis available at Glasgow Airport to accommodate groups?

Yes, Glasgow Airport has a variety of taxi sizes available to accommodate groups of all sizes.  Standard taxis can comfortably seat 4 passengers, with larger 6, 7, and 8-seater taxis available for bigger groups.  Executive Cabs Glasgow offers a variety of taxi sizes to suit your needs.  Be sure to specify the number of passengers and luggage quantity when booking your taxi online or by phone.

  • Do Glasgow Taxis Have Meters?

Most Glasgow taxis do have meters that display the fare during your journey.  However, it's always a good practice to confirm the estimated fare with the driver before setting off, especially if you're unfamiliar with the city. Reputable companies like Executive Cabs Glasgow provide clear pricing information online or upon request. We offer fixed fares which are quoted to the customers upfront. The fare you see is the fare you pay.

  • Is it mandatory to tip taxis in Glasgow?

Tipping taxi drivers in Glasgow is not mandatory, but a small gratuity (around 10% of the fare) is always appreciated for good service.  You can simply round up the fare to the nearest pound or leave a small tip at your discretion. Generally, £5, £10 and £20 is considered a good tip in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.

  • How Can I Complain About a Glasgow Taxi Service?

If you have an unsatisfactory experience with a Glasgow taxi service, you can contact the taxi company and the Glasgow City Council Licensing Department, which regulates taxis in the city.  Details and complaint procedures can be found on the Glasgow City Council website.

Embrace Unforgettable Experiences with Executive Cabs Glasgow

Whether you're a history buff exploring Glasgow's architectural gems, a music lover seeking the city's vibrant live music scene, or an adventurer yearning for the majesty of the Highlands, Glasgow offers a unique blend of urban excitement and breathtaking landscapes. Let Executive Cabs Glasgow be your partner in creating an unforgettable Scottish adventure. Book your Glasgow taxi online today and start planning your dream trip!

Executive Cabs Glasgow: Delivering Exceptional Service

At Executive Cabs Glasgow, we address these key needs and go beyond to provide a truly exceptional service. Here's how we ensure a smooth transition from plane to exploring the city:

  • Relax and Recharge:  Know that our professional drivers will take the wheel, allowing you to relax and recharge after a long journey.

  • Meet and Greet Service:  No more searching for a taxi in arrival crowds.  Our driver will be waiting for you at the designated area, holding a sign with your name for ease of identification, ready to assist with your luggage and whisk you away comfortably.

  • Transparent Pricing: Get a quote online using our Glasgow Airport Taxi with Fixed Price option, and Book Glasgow Airport Taxi in advance. We offer competitive prices with no hidden fees.  Knowing the cost upfront allows for better budgeting and peace of mind.

  • Booking Options: Choose your preferred method – Book Glasgow Airport Taxi Online through our user-friendly website or Book Glasgow Airport Taxi App for added convenience.  Securing your ride in advance saves time and ensures a swift departure from the airport.

  • A Fleet for Every Need: Whether you're a solo traveler, a group, or have mobility limitations, we have a diverse fleet to cater to your needs. Choose from standard taxis for a Cheap Glasgow Airport Taxi option, spacious taxis for more passengers, or Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Glasgow Airport vehicles with ramps and ample space for mobility aids.

  • Local Expertise:  Our drivers are more than just chauffeurs.  They are Glasgow enthusiasts with a wealth of local knowledge. Leverage their insights to discover hidden gems, must-see sights, or the best restaurants along the way.  Perhaps you'd like to experience a traditional pub with live music, or seek out a trendy cafe known for its delicious brunch options?  Our drivers can point you in the right direction.

  • More Than Airport Taxis:  Executive Cabs Glasgow offers a variety of taxi services to suit your itinerary. Explore the city at your own pace with our Glasgow taxi services.  Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the West End, explore the grand architecture of the Merchant City, or delve into the rich history of Glasgow Cathedral.  We can also help you plan a day trip to scenic locations like Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, or a cultural excursion to the historic city of Edinburgh.

  • Reliable Service, 24/7:  We understand that travel plans can sometimes change.  That's why we offer a Reliable Glasgow Airport Taxi service, available 24/7. No matter what time your flight arrives, day or night, our professional drivers will be there to greet you at the airport and ensure a smooth and comfortable journey to your destination.

  • Going Beyond Glasgow:  Glasgow serves as a fantastic base for exploring Scotland's breathtaking landscapes.  Our Glasgow Airport Transfers extend beyond the city limits.  Consider a scenic journey to the Isle of Skye, known for its dramatic cliffs and charming villages, or a visit to Stirling Castle, steeped in history and offering panoramic views.

  • Glasgow Airport Layover Taxi:  Have a layover in Glasgow? Don't waste precious time waiting at the airport.  Pre-book a Glasgow Airport Layover Taxi and explore the city's highlights.  Visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, stroll through the beautiful Glasgow Botanic Gardens, or wander along the bustling Buchanan Street, a haven for shoppers.

  • Reviews Matter:  We are committed to providing exceptional service to all our customers.  Reading Glasgow Airport Taxi Reviews left by fellow travellers can help you make an informed decision.  We encourage you to visit our website and see what others are saying about their experience with Executive Cabs Glasgow.

Experience the Difference with Executive Cabs Glasgow

Don't settle for the stress of navigating unfamiliar territory after a long flight.  Choose Executive Cabs Glasgow and let us handle your airport transportation needs.  With our diverse fleet, Fixed Price Glasgow Airport Taxis, convenient booking options, and exceptional service, we ensure a smooth and comfortable arrival in Glasgow, setting the stage for a memorable Scottish adventure.

Ready to Explore Glasgow and Beyond?

Contact Executive Cabs Glasgow today and let us help you navigate the vibrant city and unlock the magic of the Scottish Highlands.  We offer a range of services to meet your needs, including:

  • Reliable Glasgow Airport taxi transfers

  • Comfortable Glasgow city tours

  • Customizable Scottish Highlands tours

  • Spacious taxis for groups of all sizes

  • Wheelchair-accessible taxis

  • Knowledgeable and friendly drivers

  • Competitive rates and transparent pricing

  • 24/7 customer support

Executive Cabs Glasgow: Your gateway to exploring Glasgow and beyond!

TRNSMT 2024 - Your Questions Answered | Executive Cabs Glasgow | Taxi Glasgow | Glasgow Taxi | Glasgow Airport Taxi | Prebook Taxi Glasgow

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